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A board for discussion of the number twelve as the base of numeration in mathematics and physics.

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Character for Eleven


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Character for Eleven Empty Character for Eleven

Post by Phaethon Fri Apr 10, 2020 4:31 pm

Both the American and British dozenal societies used a symbol of Pitman like a turned digit three for representing the number eleven. A problem with this symbol is that it looks too much like a lower case Greek letter epsilon ε or open letter Ɛ often used in mathematics and in physics. There were variations on its design, such as by Dwiggins, to make it look different from the letter.

A proposal for a character representing the number eleven is like a Gothic arch. It is derived from the joining of two vertical lines at their top ends and the capital Greek letter lambda Λ, which can be used as a readily accessible fallback. The letter refers to the consonant in the first syllable el of the English word eleven. "El" has been used by dozenalists as the name for the turned three symbol for eleven.

A picture of this proposed character is attached here.
Character for Eleven Gothic10
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