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A board for discussion of the number twelve as the base of numeration in mathematics and physics.

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Post by Phaethon Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:12 pm

A search for the neologism "zent" was done on the DozensOnline forum today. Only four results appeared, suggesting that this word did not have much uptake. The earliest three are dated from the last two months of the decimal year 2013 and by the same author, who proposed it for the second power of twelve.

This word could be proposed for a square twelfth that would sound similar to the word "cent" used for specifying musical pitches with minimum change. A cent is a hundredth root of the frequency ratio of a semitone interval. A zent would be a square twelfth of the semitone. A procedure for converting from musical pitch cents to zents would be to shift the decimal point of the frequency in cents by two places to the left, write the resulting number dozenally, and shift the dozenal zot fractional point two places to the right, similarly to how times in seconds can be converted to expression by a unit of time in a dozenal system of metrology proposed (See Phaethon on Mon 7 Oct 2019 in Base Dozen Forum -> Topic Groups -> Base Dozen Subjects -> Metrology -> Pendulum System at  It could also be used for a square twelfth of a unit of currency, similarly to the cent of the dollar or the European coin.
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